"She's Still The Coolest Woman": Tim McGraw Says Sweet Words About His Mom As She Turns 70


Country superstar, Tim McGraw, is a sucker for the women in his life. He does not hold back when it comes to praising his mother and his wife, the country musician, Faith Hill.


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His mom just turned 70

Recently, his mother turned 70, and McGraw took to Instagram to celebrate the woman who raised him.

He shared a throwback picture of himself and his mom looking much younger. In the picture, he is seen sporting the evergreen 80s flowing mullet and cowboy hat. The year the picture was taken is not specified, but mom and son seem to be having the time of their lives.

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He simply captions the photo, "Happy 70th birthday to the coolest woman I ever knew for a long, long time." He added that she had not lost her coolness at 70.

McGraw praises the strong women in his life

The Humble and Kind singer is not new to this. On Mother's Day in 2016, he shared a beautiful message with his fans celebrating not just his wife and mother but his second daughter as well.



He said:

Our second daughter will be graduating high school. I think of how fortunate they are to have such a great role model in their mother.

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He also gave nods to his sisters and said, thanks to them, he had always been surrounded by strong, thoughtful, and compassionate women.

Rough childhood

McGraw, who has 3 daughters with his wife, did not always have a pleasant family life. He grew up with his mom and stepfather.


He was raised to believe that his mom's husband, Horace Smith, a trucker, was his father.


He was 11 when he learnt that the baseball player, Tug McGraw, was his father.

After years of being angry with the famous baseball player who had remarried and started a family with two other children, the two men reconciled. They were present in each other's lives before the older McGraw died.

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