Robin Hood With A Twist? Man From Ireland Used His Drone To Deliver Food During A Snow Storm

Date March 15, 2018

The temperature in parts of America have been terrible in 2018. The country has witnessed the lowest temperature it has seen in 100 years, with bomb cyclones thrown into the mix.

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What is a bomb cyclone?

A bomb cyclone gets its strength from the sea. As it brews over water, a drop in barometric pressure intensifies and makes it more destructive than a regular snow storm.

The extreme cold in January was blamed for the deaths of 9 people. A bomb cyclone, Storm Grayson, was expected to hit much of the Northeast.

On March 2, Winter Storm Riley hit much of the Northeast and killed 6 people. It also left about 900,000 without electrical power. A week later, another bomb cyclone led to the death of 1 person in Suffern, Southern New York.

Robin Hood, but with a drone

Americans have been dealing with the effects of Winter Storm Riley by stocking up on supplies. But in Ireland, snow storm Emma did lead to a shortage of food. Bread became a scarce commodity in supermarkets.

However, a man named Patrick Mungovan came to the rescue of his countrymen.

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Mungovan posted a footage of his drone making deliveries to the distressed on Facebook. He also mentioned that he was delivering bread to anyone living within a 3-mile radius of his house.


Around the world, drones are increasingly put to different uses. The United Arab Emirates holds a Grand Prix Drone Racing event.


Journalists also use them in areas where there is tight media control, and they have been used to map out flooding patterns as well.

Is he even allowed to deliver food with his drone?

The principles behind drone usage is still very unclear. Governments and drone makers have not agreed on definite regulations for how drones should be used within the U.S. and European airspace. However, Mungovan is not letting this stop him from helping people.

Although, most of his deliveries have been limited to his local community, he has been getting requests for deliveries and using his unmanned aerial vehicle to make a difference.

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