Pups Need To Relax Too! Animal Shelter Is Providing Dogs With Comfy Lounge Chairs

Date March 13, 2018

An animal shelter is making sure that puppies are super comfy by providing them with nice lounge armchairs.

Buster Brown inspired this movement

Buster Brown is a dog at Knox County Humane Society in Illinois. He loved chilling behind the front desk in their office.

He enjoyed being a part of the office environment, and one of his favorite spots was the armchair. In fact, it soon became apparent that he loved it more than his dog bed.

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Buster was so comfortable on this chair that the director of the shelter, Erin Buckmaster, decided the doggie needed one of his own. They acquired him a big red leather chair.

Watching Buster bask in the coziness of his new furniture gave the shelter staff an idea. Why not do the same for other dogs?

Cute dogs get armchairs

To make all the dogs in the shelter feel more comfortable, they decided to get more lounge chairs for a few of them.

They posted a video online of the shelter pets snuggling up in their armchairs and also announced that they needed more. Since then, many people have donated chairs, and it's clear that this made the pets very happy. On their Facebook page, the shelter said:

The shelter pets absolutely love their chairs! If anyone has any older chairs they no longer want, please think of the shelter pets.

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The adorable video quickly went viral with many shares. More people were eager to donate.

Anyone can do something to help

It's not compulsory to donate a chair to put a smile on these pups' faces. You can actually pitch in to help the shelter by purchasing something from their Amazon wishlist. Part of the proceeds will go into making the pets happy and comfy until they move to their forever home.

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