Colin Quinn Jokes Even About His Heart Attack After The Accident On Valentine's Day

Date February 21, 2018 15:24

Colin Quinn is recovering well from a sudden heart attack on Valentine’s Day.


Quinn's career

58-year-old standup comedian began his acting career back in1987 with a game show named Remote Control.

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Later, in 1998, he completely replaced Norm MacDonald and became the host of a popular TV show the Saturday Night Live.


His most devoted fans are always there for him because of his keen sense of humor and immense sensibility towards all the events happening around.

Recovery goes well

Despite Colin’s successful career, nobody is protected from unexpected health problems that can catch you by surprise at the most inappropriate time.


For Mr. Quinn this time turned out to be St. Valentine’s Day when he suffered a heart attack.

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The Saturday Night Live host has already commented on his surprising accident, confirming he feels great now:

My heart broke on Valentines Day. Literally. I am currently doing well although if I dropped dead, you would see a funeral like Al Capone! You know, we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, or u really think about it.

If the comedian jokes like this on his health grounds, then the fans can finally calm down and certify that everything is fine indeed.

Fans' reaction

Colin has also shared about his condition on Twitter and made it clear that nothing threatens him now.


His subscribers were a bit concerned about Quinn and reacted quite emotionally on the accident.

We wish the comedian to get better soon and not to stop entertaining us with his incredible sense of humor.


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