New Pet Of Kim Kardashian? Brutal Action Or Photoshop Mastery

Date March 8, 2018

Kim Kardashian posts a striking photo of a baby snake with the Louis Vuitton pattern on it. The Internet community is perplexed – is the monogram actually tattooed on the little reptile, or it is just a skillful act of Photoshop mastery. Let’s break it down.


Caring mother

Kim Kardashian pays a lot of attention to her media community. Every photo that she posts on Instagram is discussed and commented immediately. The 37-year-old top model knows how to get the public interested in her life. She has recently posted an adorable photo of her third child Chicago and did it in the cutest way possible.

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Her new style that has already captivated the Instagram gets reflected in each of Kim’s photos, especially in one of the most recent ones.

Mind-blowing post

On March 7, Kardashian amazes her fans with another intriguing photo – a little boa in a pearl tone and with the LV monogram on it.

Little Louis.

Публикация от Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian)

Kim has signed the photo as Little Louis that made the Internet explode with the variety of comments. Some people considered the tattoo to be genuine and accused Kim of harming the small animal. Others said that the celebrity was a liar and simply photoshoped the picture.

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However, none of them were right. If to pay a bit more attention to the image, you will see the hand that surely belongs not to Kim. As it turned out the photo was originally posted by German designer Elli Acula in June, while Kim simply didn’t credit the photo correctly:

I found this image of a beautiful boa on the Danish Instagram page @bigreptilesdk and edited the image — the boa’s natural skin-pattern was the perfect base. No one has to worry, the snake was not tattooed!

Crazy pets

Even though little Louis is not a real Kim’s pet, she still has a chance to get one for her as some of her colleagues already did. 67-year-old American actress Kirstie Alley is not only a mother of two brilliant kids but also owns 14 amazing lemurs.

The pets are cute, but the actress doesn’t recommend anybody to have similar animals at home. Celebrities are usually unexpected. Nobody knows how crazy they can go the next time.


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