What Was She Thinking About?! Jennifer Garner Responds To Oscars Meme

Date March 12, 2018

Memes and GIFs are arguably one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. What is better than catching a celebrity in an unguarded, human moment? And then, with GIFs, there is the added benefit of watching this moment on a loop.

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Jennifer Garner becomes a GIF star

This thrill is difficult to explain. Ask anyone who has seen Jennifer Garner's GIF from the 90th Academy Awards. In it, the actress is seen clapping with the same enthusiasm as everyone around her, until she stops abruptly with the most interesting expression on her face.


The moment was captured by the ironically named Twitter user, Bobby Finger. His caption was nothing short of genius:


It very quickly became a phenomenon. Fans of the stunning actress weighed in and speculated about possible reasons why Garner had that intriguing reaction. True, the responses were hilarious and undeniably witty:

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What was she thinking?

If you think these theories are impossible to top, you have another idea coming. Garner decided to make her own comment on this.

Watch below:

Basically, the infamous fish scene from The Shape of Water made Garner do a double take. It's going to be really hard to top this. You could try though.

Meme/GIFs queen

Jennifer Garner may be getting all the meme fame this year, but the real meme and GIF queen is Meryl Streep.


An article in Times aptly called the multiple award-winning Hollywood icon "the GIF that keeps on giving."

Recall that the actress cupped her hands to yell out encouragements at the 2015 SAG Awards. She was probably just being the regular Meryl we hardly get to see, but the image has become one of the most enduring memes ever.

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