Paris Jackson Begs Her Fans To Stop Changing Her Skin Color: "I'm Aware Of What I Look Like And I Finally Happy With It"

Date March 13, 2018

Paris Jackson is no one else but the only daughter of Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe. She was born in 1998, and now, everyone knows her as an American actress and model.

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Recently, she’s spoken to her fans about retouching her photos. She urged them not to do anything with the color of her skin as she wants to be natural everywhere. She started with saying it’s not necessary either to lighten or darken her skin. Paris Jackson is what she is, and the actress considers herself a person who has dark skin.

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While her father, late Michael Jackson, did everything to lighten the color of his skin, and that’s how the majority of people remember him today. The singer denied his skin color and explained everything by having vitiligo.

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