'He Planted His Mouth, Stuck His Tongue And Wiggled It About.' Emma Thompson Revealed Her 8th Birthday Horror

Date April 20, 2018

Emma Thompson became a prominent British actress after her role of Miss Money-Sterling on The Young Ones back in 1984. Since then, the shiny star managed to get two Oscar awards that declared her one of the most successful actresses of English cinematography. However, her childhood life had some sorrowful moments that will forever stay in her memory.


Award-winning actress

59 years is a solid period of time that may contain all sorts of possible memories. For Emma Thompson, her films were perhaps the sweetest fruits of her existence. Her immaculate plays in Sense and Sensibility, Howards End, and The Tall Guy brought her recognition most actors could only dream of.


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Unfortunately, when Emma reminisce about her younger life, the feeling of disgust tends to appear in her mind, as she thinks about her 8th birthday.


Unfortunate incident

Thompson couldn’t hide her shudder, as she recalled those events when her parents invited a magician on her birthday. It seemed to be a pedestrian play assistant until he asked Emma to hide with him from the others:

He took me behind a door and said, ‘Would you like a sweetie?’ I said, ‘Oh, yes please,’ but I had a funny feeling. He gave me the sweet and said, ‘Will you give me a kiss?’ and I said yes. So I went up to kiss him on the cheek, and he planted his mouth on mine, stuck his tongue in my mouth and wiggled it about.


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She never forgot those disgusting events and decided to act timely to protect her only daughter from the sexual instability of the modern world.


Despite her amazing acting career, Emma tried herself as a writer. She composed a book on sex and emotions to try to secure her child from the perverted realities of nowadays society:

I’m in a constant state of anxiety, but I know these kids have to negotiate these thickets by themselves. We can only help by listening, being aware, by not turning away and by not saying, ‘Oh, that’s all so disgusting I can’t even think about it.


Recent reincarnation

Emma’s roles have always bewildered us with their extraordinary transformations. The actress knows how to take up not only the appearance but the role’s character as well. Her recent reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth I was astonishing.


We believe all her subsequent roles will bring us even more pleasure and wish Emma never stop her filming career.

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