$10,000 For The Return Of Chucky: Paris Hilton Is Helping A Friend Find Her Stolen Pooch

Date January 26, 2018 12:32

Paris Hilton is showing everyone what an awesome friend she is. A friend of hers recently lost her dog, a cute Pomeranian named Chucky. So Paris took to her Instagram and Twitter with this post on Monday:

Please help us find my friend @rayniromitowilliams dog that was stolen right out of her own driveway! If anyone has any information on this woman please let us know immediately! $10,000 Reward, no questions asked. They just want their baby back #HelpFindChooChoo.

Yes, you read right. They are offering the whopping sum of $10,000 to anyone who finds the little dog. Chucky, who is also called Choo Choo or Charlie, belongs to Brandon and Rayni Romito Williams. The couple work for the Hilton family, selling real estate in Beverly Hills.

A lady in a red sweater is the culprit

Paris also shared photos of the woman captured on the security footage. The woman wearing a red sweater spent a few seconds petting the dog before reaching down, scooping it into her arms, and walking briskly away.

Chucky has been missing since Sunday, and there are still no real leads on his whereabouts. Initially, he belonged to the Hilton family after being bought and donated at an MS Foundation charity fundraiser.

Rayni Romito also expressed her distress at the loss of the dog and appealed for its return. Upon investigation, an unidentified woman was seen walking along the driveway, and she is suspected of kidnapping the dog.

Brandon said aboit the dog:

She’s so precious and she’s so sweet. She’ll lick you to death and you know everybody’s her friend…

Paris has about 26 million fans on Instagram so the word is sure to get around pretty quickly. We hope they find Chucky soon.

Paris pampers her pets

When it comes to puppy love, Paris is way up on the list. The 36-year-old is known to spend freely on these cute canine companions. Late last year, she shared photos of her doghouse on Twitter. And oh is it grand.

The puppy mansion is actually a two-story dog house, with its own front yard and lawn. Inside, there are rooms, just like in any regular house. The walls are bubblegum pink - her favorite color. It also comes with doggy-sized windows. And there is even a grand and ornate staircase in the main hall.

Paris spared nothing to make sure her pooches enjoy the best. The interior décor is top notch. The dogs even have their own heating, air conditioning, a chandelier, and designer furniture.

They have an active social life

Paris loves her dogs a lot. She travels with them and even hangs out with other celebrities and dog lovers on occasion.

#LovingLife in LA with @PoppyDelevingne & George. ????????‍♀????????????‍♀

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They also get to feature in some of her modeling shoots. And her pets also enjoy an active social life and have their own social media accounts.

Part 2 of my #FashionRules with @WMag. ???? Loves it ????

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Of course, you won’t catch any of the dogs peering at a cellphone or scrunched in front of a computer.

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