Ellen DeGeneres Convinces Will Smith To Create Social Media Account. He Starts With A Duck Face Photo

Date December 18, 2017

Willard Christopher Smith Jr., popularly known as Will Smith, finally opens Instagram account and posts a duck face photo. The 49 years old actor announced the news on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Ellen introduces Instagram to Will

In honor of the occasion, Ellen DeGeneres took it upon herself to teach Will Smith the know-how of social media app. She taught him how to take selfies with a duck face and make mirror selfies.

Ellen also went ahead to teach him all about TBT (Throw Back Thursday). Later, the stars got dressed as characters from the 90's NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. "It's gonna be like a throwback Thursday", she said to him. They both took several pictures, which Will Smith later shared on his new Instagram account.

Will and his hilarious debut

In less than 48 hours after Will opened his new Instagram account, his duck face debut has attracted a large following from all over the world. His account already has 1.3 million followers and counting.

Even though the actor is new to the social media app, he is learning so fast as he uploaded a photo of himself as a baby and captioned it "Ya'll ain't got no filters like this". Following the list of people welcoming his debut, there are two of his celebrity friends:

Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Timberlake

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed the actor to Instagram with a re-post of the mirror selfie they both took during her show on Thursday. The host also said she was glad she could help him with this app.

Justin Timberlake, on the other hand, congratulated the actor on opening Instagram account by sharing a throwback photo of the two of them. He wrote: "Welcome to Instagram @willsmith. This is called a #TBT. Which means Throwback Thursday."

He went further to say he likes the Throwback Thursday photo he shared because it's a photo of both of them in what seems like a serious discussion, which makes him feel really important. Although Will Smith is new to Instagram, no matter, we like his debut.

Welcome to Instagram Will Smith.

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