Barbados Honored Famous Singer By Naming A Street After Her - Rihanna Drive

Date December 6, 2017

The tendency to name streets after notable people has been around for hundreds of years. Very often, presidents, artists, and other public figures of the past are honored in this way.

Recently, Barbados got a street named Rihanna Drive. The hometown of the international icon Rihanna decided to name a street after the superstar. The singer grew up in the capital Bridgetown. The government decided to rename the street Westbury New Road where the future star lived as a child. The plan was announced back in October. Only now, the street name has been changed officially.

The authorities invited Rihanna to attend a special ceremony in Bridgetown. The star took a snap of the Rihanna Drive sign and posted it on Instagram.

Following the news, the fanbase was immediately ready to relocate. Some people will surely want to move to Barbados now. That day, Twitter was filled with comments from the fans.

The "moving" community was growing and growing with every minute.

Bridgetown will probably have more visitors in the upcoming months than it has ever seen.

This impressive news makes people find new goals in their lives. What can be better than knowing that you've done something right for people to want to live on a street named after you?

Rihanna mentioned that her neighborhood was a big family for her. She thanked the people from her childhood for everything they had poured into her which made her a decent woman.

The grateful speech of the singer touched everybody in the audience and showed that the choice was right.

Rihanna mentioned that following the dreams was the primary thing to help her reach the success. She once again proved the power of her will.

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