Caring Santa Program: Autistic Children Have A Chance To Meet Santa In A Peaceful Atmosphere

Date December 7, 2017 12:59

Sitting on Santa's lap is a dream come true for many children. Christmas is a magical holiday that warms the hearts of both children and adults. This day, wonders are bound to happen.

Unfortunately, children with autism may never see their Christmas dream come true — all that noise, crowds, and lights are excruciating for them. Many parents abandon even the thought of bringing their child to see Santa.

This holiday is for families; it is the time of wonders, and everybody should be able to enjoy it. With this thought in mind, the Caring Santa program decided to help all children enjoy the holiday. Organized by Autism Speaks, the campaign paired with the Noerr Program Corporation for the Sensory Friendly Santa. The main idea is to provide the families that have children with special needs with an opportunity to interact with Santa Claus in a peaceful atmosphere.

The program is located in 120 malls around the country so that all children can have their fun.

A small mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, saw the heartwarming moments between Father Christmas and little Brayden Deely. The boy met Santa after the stores closed.

The shy boy took his time to get used to Santa. The older man played his role patiently and allowed Brayden to warm up to come up in his own time.

After that, the couple stayed on the floor playing with a snowball and other toys.

Autism Speaks / YouTube

At the end, the boy was openly smiling and got really excited.

This is a great way for children like Brayden to experience holiday traditions with their families. Children feel safe in this friendly environment and, at the end, don't want to leave at all.

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