Hugh Lorrie Asks Twitter Fans To Help Him Find The Owners Of A Christmas Package

Date December 8, 2017

Christmas is the time for wonders and magic. Everybody feels the holiday sparks coming closer.

A surprising package delivered to Hugh Laurie opened the actor's season of good deeds.


Hugh Laurie got a package meant for someone else. The actor decided to find the rightful owner of the gift and send it to the right address. The actor asked Twitter for help. Showing the two items from the box, he hid the third one and promised to send the whole package to the address the owner will name.

The pack contains a game Speak Out. Kids vs Parents and a Biology book. The third item isn't in the picture. Hugh Laurie patiently waits for the person who'll name the missing part.

The post spread around Twitter with the speed of light. It already has about 300 comments and more are coming. Many people try to guess the third item by shooting random stuff. Among the guesses was even Dr. House's signature “lupus” joke.

As far as the fans know, nobody has been right. Really, what else can be in this package?

The whole community is pretending to be the notable Sherlock Holmes and find the slight hints that would help them find the secret ingredient.

At the same time, many fans expressed gratitude and adoration for his selfless deed.

The honesty of the man is the reason why fans love him so much.

Hugh Laurie's tweet brought the Christmas spirit to his fans. It's wonderful that one simple post can cheer people up. Unfortunately, the rightful owner hasn't been found yet, but the package still waits for him.

What a great Christmas story to tell.

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