TIME's Nominees For Person Of The Year 2017


The TIME magazine annually chooses the one person who has been in the news and influenced the world the most. It doesn't matter whether the person is a bad influence or a good one, TIME chooses the most notable of them.

In recent years, the list became more diverse with various organizations and movements competing alongside popular figures. Every year, we all impatiently wait to hear the magazine's choice.

This year, we've all been wondering whether Donald Trump will become the Person of the Year again. The President won the title last year. In 2017, his position is as strong as previously. Notably, 2014 was dedicated to the Ebola issues and Ebola fighters received the title.

The past few years, the lists of nominees included people and movements of various spheres, including Angela Merkel, Beyonce, Mark Zuckerberg, and Black Lives Matter activists.

This year, the list is as diverse as it may be. Let's look at 10 nominees:

1. The Dreamers

The movement that represents the children of immigrants who brought them to the U.S.

2. Kim Jong Un

The North Korean Leader who made the possibility of nuclear war with America real.

3. Colin Kaepernick

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who knelt during the national anthem to launch a protest against racism.

4. Jeff Bezos

The Amazon CEO who became the richest man of the year.

5. #MeeToo movement

This movement advocates the treatment of women and stands against sexual harassment and assault.

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6. Robert Mueller

The brave man who investigates the presidential elections of 2016 and the possible involvement of Trump's campaign with Russia.

7. Patty Jenkins

She is the director of Wonder Woman. She is the first female director to create so high-grossing movie.

8. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia became famous for purging the corrupted businessmen and members of the royal family.

9. Xi Jinping

This year, the President of China reinforced his status in the country even more by being re-elected for his second term.

10. Donald Trump

After becoming the U.S. President, the man is always in the news either for dismantling the Obama Administration or his unfiltered tweets.

TIME will announce the winner of 2017 on Wednesday morning, December 6, on Today.

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