Michael Douglas Welcomes Granddaughter And Says She Is Named For His Father

Date December 22, 2017

73-year-old actor Michael Douglas has finally become a first-time grandfather. His eldest son, 39-year-old Cameron Douglas, and his girlfriend, Viviane Thibes, welcomed their daughter on Monday.

Cameron's post

On his Instagram account, Cameron posted a picture of pregnant Viviane and added a sweet comment in which he told the exciting news. He is proud of his girlfriend and is happy that he had a chance to witness the miracle of the birth of his daughter.

Their love story

In 2016, Cameron got out of jail after serving a seven-year prison sentence following drug conviction. Soon after his release, paparazzi spotted the actor with a yoga instructor, Viviane. But the two had met even before he went to jail. The couple has been in love with each other for year, and Viviane has supported her boyfriend during the most difficult times.

Michael's reaction

Michael himself is extremely delighted with the new addition. On Thursday, he published a photo of a newborn granddaughter on Facebook and unveiled her name – Lua Izzy. Douglas captioned the photo with congratulations to Cameron and his girlfriend.

Name choice

The middle name was given to the baby in honor of her great-grandfather, a famous Golden Age actor, Kirk Douglas. In fact, he was born Issur Danielovitch in the city of Amsterdam, New York, in a Jewish family. Before the birth of their son, the actor’s parents immigrated from the Russian Empire to the United States. Subsequently, they Americanized their names. That is how Issur Danielovitch became Kirk Douglas.

At the beginning of December, Kirk celebrated his 101st birthday with his wife, two sons, and friends.

Our hearty congratulations to the family!

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Michael Douglas