Catherine Zeta-Jones Congratulated Her Father-In-Law, Kirk Douglas, On His 101 Birthday

Date December 11, 2017

The actor, producer, director, author, and philanthropist Kirk Douglas celebrated his 101st birthday on Saturday. He is one of the living legends from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Kirk Douglas has been through a lot of different things during his life. He won numerous awards and honors and he's remembered by his brilliant acting. However, he's not only an amazing actor but a caring man, he has donated to various non-profit organizations.

Though he had a stroke when he was 80, Douglas didn’t give up. His ability to speak became limited, but Kirk kept moving on and even wrote a book called “The Stroke of Luck”. What’s more, the famous actor blogs sometimes and is considered one of the oldest celebrity bloggers.

That’s why his strong spirit inspires his whole family, including his daughter-in-law Catherine Zeta-Jones, who congratulated him on Instagram in a very warm and loving way. She wrote:

101 today!!!! My darling Pappy on my knee. Happy Birthday to my wonderful, inspirational and loving father in law, Kirk. Love you with all my heart.

Kirk’s son and Catherine’s husband Michael Douglas also shared a photo with the caption:

Happy 101st birthday Dad! You are truly a living legend! Love, Michael.

Their happy family enjoys spending quality time together. We can usually see them during different charity and celebrity events, showing that they definitely have a special family bond.



Catherine and Kirk also enjoy attending some of the meetings and galas together, they like communicating with each other and it seems that they have a really good time.



Last year Catherine prepared a big birthday party for Kirk with many guests and a big birthday cake. This year they had a small gathering, but it still was sweet and loving, because all the family tried to be there for their hero. They wished him all the best and now are hoping to continue a good tradition next year on his 102nd birthday.

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