Russian Election 2018: Vladimir Putin Will Most Likely Win Again

Date March 20, 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin will very likely be elected again. If he does have a victory in his hands, 65-year-old will secure another six-year term after 18 years in power. Putin believes it’s his destiny to make Russia great again, and he’s only just getting started.


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On March 18 at 21:00 Moscow time, the voting in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation has ended. The last polling stations closed in the western part of the country, Kaliningrad. Only now, there has been published the first results of the vote.


According to the Central Election Commission of Russia (CEC), the absolute leader was - surprise - Vladimir Putin. He collected 76.6 percent of the vote (56.2 million). On the second place with 11.08 percent of votes is Pavel Grudinin. In third place, Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 5.66 percent (4 million votes). After him, there is Ksenia Sobchak with 1.67 percent (1.2 million votes).



The head of the commission, Ella Pamfilova, stressed:

These are the preliminary results of the voting. According to the law, the CEC now has 10 days to finalize the election results on the basis of the first copies of the protocols of election commissions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and two foreign territorial election commissions.

Pamfilova added that there haven’t been any serious complaints about the election process as of yet. She also stated that voting results were canceled at five polling stations in three Russian regions. In the occupied Crimea, more than 90% of people voted for Putin to be the president again.


The turnout was 67.47 percent or 73.36 million people out of around 109 million voters who live in the country. It was named by the CEC as the record in the history of post-Soviet Russia.

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