Andrea Bocelli Joins Ed Sheeran When He Sings His “Perfect”! The Performance Melts Hearts

Date February 22, 2018 17:21

Ed Sheeran doesn’t stop impressing us with his numerous performances. At the BRIT Awards, he performed his "Supermarket Flowers," a tribute to his late grandmother. And now, there’s another performance worth our attention.

This time, it’s a collaboration with Andrea Bocelli on Sheeran’s song “Perfect.” Indeed, it turned out to be perfect. And he said he had managed to record it in one day. And lots of people think Beyonce has nothing to do with the writing of this song. She was the one Sheeran sang it with, and together, they made it top the charts.

However, there is one more person who has something to do with the song “Perfect,” to be precise – “Perfect Symphony” as they called it. The Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli, in collaboration with Ed Sheeran, gave the song another life, turning it into an orchestral version. The song was arranged by Sheeran’s brother, a classical composer, Matthew Sheeran.

Bocelli himself made some changes with the song. Their performance together is magnificent and is worth listening to.

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