Justin Bieber Posts A Video Of His Preparation For Christmas, But Will Selena Gomez Celebrate With Him?

Date December 15, 2017 11:04

Christmas is not only close, it is here already as is evident in the level of preparations under way. The other day, it was Roma Downey who shared a picture of her front door all decorated for Christmas.

But this time around, it is the “Love Yourself” singer and boyfriend of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, who shared a video of his Christmas preparation.


Bieber posts video of him decorating the christmas tree

It appears the singer was in a really good mood on Thursday morning as he got up early to decorate his christmas tree. Some have described it as Justin preparing for Santa Claus’ visit – who knows?

He even made sure to record the whole process and shared a short clip of it on Instagram afterwards.

His friends and fans really resonated with the video, that in just about 9 hours, it had gotten over 7 million views!

Will he celebrate with Selena?

In the spirit of the celebration and the recent rumor of Justin being back with Selena Gomez, the question of the minds of their fans now is: Will they celebrate Christmas together?


After all, they have been seen spending quality time together lately and making several public appearances. These include attending church, taking a bike ride, and even visiting Justin’s hockey games - everything together.


Justin and Selena are back together, but they may spend this christmas apart

While they may be back together as lovers, it appears to be confirmed that they will still be spending the holidays apart. Each of them will be enjoying Christmas with their respective families and probably be back together afterwards.

We wish Justin and Selena a happy holiday with their respective families.

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