Prince William Visits The Royal Marsden Hospital To Witness A Robotic Surgery Procedure

Date January 12, 2018 13:47

In recent times, there has been an increase in the development of robotics. And in the near future, robots will be used to do several important tasks we do today. And just recently, Prince William had the chance to witness a pioneering robotic surgery.

The Prince may not be a surgeon, but seeing this is one rare privilege that several others may not have. The surgery took place at Royal Marsden Hospital where he is also the president of their foundation, which is called The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

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William visits the hospital

Prince William was dressed in the usual blue robe that surgeons use in the Theatre and went in with other medical personnel to watch a surgery. The operation was the first of its kind to be performed on a patient battling adenoid cystic carcinoma (a type of cancer considered rare).

His look

The Duke of Cambridge can be seen in his blue surgical wear and a transparent nylon cap standing with the other medical personnel as they performed the minimally invasive operation. It is said that:

The Royal Marsden has the largest and most comprehensive programme of robotic surgery for cancer in the UK, revolutionizing the way cancer patients are treated.

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People are hoping that having robotic surgeries will bring about safer surgeries and that the results will be better. If this is so, then we will be seeing more robotic surgeries in the future.

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About robotic surgery

In the year 2000, the Food and Drug Administration gave approval for the use of Robotic Surgery using the Da Vinci Surgical System. The technology has since been adopted for use in other parts of Europe and even in America as well.

So, how does this thing work?

Usually, it involves the use of a robotic arm by a medical personnel who views from a computer. Compared to the human eye, the robot can give up-close and wider views to the areas being operated.

This ensures the actions taken by the doctor are more accurate and precise. Some of the advantages are said to include quicker recovery, as well as smaller and less noticeable scars, amongst other things.

We hope this invention turns out successful and the quality of medical care around the world can move up a notch or two higher.

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