TV Host And Presenter Piers Morgan Is Saved From Cancer By A Viewer, A Melanoma Specialist Who Noticed A Blemish On His Chest

Date December 28, 2017 13:19

We thought doctors were only in hospitals, but recent news concerning Piers Morgan proves otherwise.

Piers, who is a Journalist and television host, was airing as usual and anchoring a morning show in Britain when a viewer noticed something that was completely oblivious to him. It was a mark, and the viewer believed it should not be ignored by the celebrity host.


Piers Morgan was alerted

True to the viewer's words, Piers visited a dermatologist, and this was in itself a life-saver for him. Had he ignored the subtle warning, he may have had to deal with deeper stages of cancer in the coming years.

The person who spotted the anomaly was a female who also was a melanoma expert. She must have had an eye for things like this.

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Piers thanks the woman

In a world where medical science is rapidly developing ways through which people could detect cancer early enough, this lady, simply through her eyes, was able to help Piers get out of a story that may have just been too late if he was left to discover it by himself.

Gratitude surely filled the heart and mouth of Piers as he thanked the woman, who literally saved his life. She saved him from cancer. When Piers visited the dermatologist, it was said that the spot on his chest could have turned cancerous if it was left to stay a little longer.


You also can save someone's life

She was a life-saver. Perhaps, if Piers Morgan could tell the story with a catchy title, he'd say, 'How an intelligent-eagle-eyed-viewer saved me from cancer'.


Indeed, there are more ways than we probably think that we could be of help to others. A kind word, a word of encouragement, or a word of advice can go farther than we could imagine in improving others' lives. Don't withhold that word.

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