Marilyn Manson Cuts Concert Short After Onstage Outburst, And Fans Demand Refunds


Fans have been waiting for this moment for many months (and even years) but were left frustrated after Marilyn Manson cut concert short due to his stage meltdown.

Sweet dreams are not made of this!

This was the first concert of the 49-year-old rocker since he broke his leg in two places back in September 2017. A lot of concerts were postponed, but finally, admirers of the singer gathered at the Paramount in Long Island to have some good time. Only, they did not have it.

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At first, Manson was in a mood, making the injury part of his act. He appeared on stage in a wheelchair and then performed a handful of songs. Fans were confused with what happened next.

Maybe, his leg didn’t heal properly or he had some other health issues, but the rocker quickly got frustrated and disappeared from the stage. What is more, his devotees were not satisfied with the songs performed as Marilyn often stumbled over words.

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People’s reactions

It’s no surprise many concertgoers were disappointed, and they even asked for refunds! Some fans paid for VIP tickets, and listening to five songs was not what they planned to do that evening.

Here are some of the lash-out reactions:

Others did not get angry, but they were extremely concerned about Manson’s health and well-being.

The singer’s representatives had not commented on the situation yet, but we hope they will clarify it soon.

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