Terrible Tornadoes And Floods Hit The United States, Causing Property Damage And Deaths

Date February 26, 2018 17:29

Over the weekend (Feb. 25-26), strong winds and pouring rains led to deadly tornadoes and flooding that caused incredible damage to both property and human health. The violent storm system affected the central and southern regions of the United States.

Damage and victims

As a result, at least 5 people died in Kentucky and Arkansas. 2 out of 5 victims were found in their cars.

In Kentucky, one woman died after her house collapsed on her, while her husband was outside. Luckily, he has only minor injuries. What is more, tornadoes and floods leveled numerous houses and demolished vehicles.

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Unfortunately, these deaths mark the end of the 'no tornado-related deaths' period. In fact, it was the longest period without twister fatalities, spanning 284 days. These stretches are becoming longer and more common. Hopefully, there will be even fewer tornadoes in the future.

Rescue operations and forecast

In all of the affected states, there had been hundreds of phone calls concerning abandoned cars and the need for rescue. The police departments attempted making water rescues, and many residents evacuated.

Weather forecasts expect more runoffs and rainfalls this week, so flooding will still be a threat. Louisville and Cincinnati are at high risk, with the waters on the Ohio River being at their highest levels.

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