New Details Of Princess Margaret's Affair: She May Have Had Adjoining Bedrooms WIth Peter Townsend When She Was Just 17

Date January 12, 2018 15:22

Those who are fond of the monarchs know pretty much about the ill-fated love story of the younger sister of Elizabeth II. When she was just a teenage girl, Margaret fell for a handsome and attractive officer, but he was a commoner, much older... and married.

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He later split from his wife, but the Royals were against a new marriage because it could have shaken the very foundations of the monarchy.

However, time goes by, and new details are emerging, previously unknown.

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Big revelation

People knew there was something between the two when, during the coronation of Margaret's sister, she flicked some fluff from Townsend’s uniform. More than 30 journalists were invited, and this little gesture did not go unnoticed. It turned out that the romance was in full swing. But when did it start?

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New details revealed.

Actually, it may have started much earlier, but it is not a proven fact. According to the Daily Mail, the two might have begun seeing each other when he was still with his wife, and she was only 17.

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In 1947, they visited Northern Ireland together. Of course, there is no proof that anything happened between the couple, but the Captain asked for adjoining rooms during their Belfast stay.

The same year, the Royals went to Southern Africa, and Townsend joined them, spending quite a lot of time with the Princess.

That’s when I really fell in love with him.

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Failed marriage

After the revelation, everyone wondered if the two could tie the knot. Margaret could not independently make such decisions due to her age. When she finally turned 25, the whole country waited with bated breath.

By marrying Townsend, the Princess would probably have been deprived of royal privileges. But she announced that she was not going to wed him. Instead, the Princess married a photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, but their relationship was full of scandals.

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Sad story, considering that many believe that Margaret did not marry the love of her life because of extreme pressure.

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