Tiffany Trump Looks Amazing In Her Pink Form-Fitting Dress And Has Some Quality Holiday Time

Date December 29, 2017 11:10

Tiffany Trump showed the whole world that she knows how to look good and enjoy life. The daughter of the US president, who turned 24 this year, posted a spectacular photo on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful year to come! ????

Публикация от Tiffany Ariana Trump (@tiffanytrump)

Holiday time

The picture features the girl in a gorgeous pink form-fitting dress celebrating holidays at Mar-a-Lago estate of her father. As soon as the blonde posted a snap, she immediately attracted everyone's attention.

Apparently, Tiffany spends her vacation in Palm Beach, Florida. As a student at Georgetown University, she can now enjoy free time until the beginning of the new year. In addition to the picture, Trump's daughter Tiffany also posted a video with her older sister, Ivanka. Two charming girls can be seen spending some quality time near the pool and showing off bikinis. They were also blowing kisses to the camera and congratulating Tiffany’s followers on holidays.

Followers’ reactions

But the Internet users have turned against the two. Dissatisfied Americans felt that the president’s daughters should have dealt with more important issues rather than splashing around in the pool. The girls were recommended to pay attention to millions of poor citizens of the United States who cannot afford the most necessary things to survive.

However, among Tiffany's followers, there were also well-wishers who admired the way the sisters look and rained down compliments upon them.

Outfit choices

The daughter of the president likes to post her pics on social media, and there is no wonder why. She is young and beautiful, and she loves dressing up and wearing dresses that flatter her figure.

But being the head of the state also means having to attend many formal events, so some outfit choices should be quite strict.

Anyways, whatever Tiffany wears, she still looks stunning.

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