Will Smith Posts A Heartfelt Tribute To Jada Pinkett On Their 20th Wedding Anniversary

Date January 3, 2018

For Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, December 31st is not only the New Year’s Eve but also a love fest. On this day, they tied the knot and had a luxurious wedding 20 years ago, and now, the two are considered one of Hollywood's long-term couples.

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Sweetest congrats to his wife

To mark the anniversary, the 49-year-old actor wrote a touching post on his Instagram, which he dedicated to his beloved wife. The fans of the star now have a chance to admire the archival photograph taken during the wedding ceremony of Will and Jada in 1997.

Lessons learned

In a heartfelt caption, the actor confessed that he had learned some important things while being married. Instead of forcing his wife to become someone he wanted her to be, Will realized that love was "like gardening" and learned to focus on helping Jada bloom and achieve her dreams. An amazing lesson! The actor also added:

I have learned that Love is Listening. Love is Giving. Love is Freedom.

Jada’s advice

Pinkett also has some advice to share. A couple of years ago, she opened up about their relationship and stated that their marriage is built on trust. Will and Jada absolutely trust each other. She does not control her spouse, believing that he is an adult who can make his own sound decisions.

At the end of the day, I’m not here to be anybody’s watcher … he’s a grown man.

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She also added that the key to their strong relationship was the simple fact that they really like spending time with each other, learning together and laughing.

Yeah, I guess that’s the secret. Yeah, we just really like each other!

Most memorable moments

Over the years, the Smiths had many sweet moments, and we are gladly sharing some of the most memorable ones.

Even during movie premiers, Will cannot but look affectionately at his beautiful wife.

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Will presents Jada with the Star Power Award and gets a steamy kiss in return.

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The two even were hosts together back in 2005. Such a chemistry between them!

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Will obviously admires his wife!

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And here’s the great snap of the couple puckering up at the Focus premiere in 2015.

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Of course, some of the best moments are shared with their children – Jaden and Willow.

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We wish the couple more happy years together!

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