Royal Couple Wants A Banana Wedding Cake

Date December 11, 2017

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are already busy preparing for the wedding that will take place in 2018. Of course, the bride dress remains the main intrigue. But there’s another very important detail of this celebration that fans of the couple are interested in. And this, as it is not difficult to guess, is a wedding cake.

Relationship symbol

The two might have an unusual wedding cake made from bananas. The reason for such a choice may be very romantic. About a year ago, Meghan made a post of two spooning bananas on Instagram and accompanied it with a sweet message. Fans think it might symbolize the beginning of her long-distance love with Prince Harry.

Banana lover

Darren McGrady, a former royal chef who cooked for the prince and his brother, also says that Harry is a great fan of this sweet fruit. He used to cook banana cakes, flan, ice cream, and caramel before, which Harry adored. So, we can assume that the prince will support his bride in choosing such a unique wedding flavor!


Breaking traditions

By doing so, the couple will break the norms. Traditionally, the cake’s top tier is a fruitcake. It lasts longer, and it is served at the christening of the first child. But McGrady will not be surprised if Meghan chooses a multi-layer biscuit cake that is so popular in the United States. In fact, by tradition, the choice of a wedding cake is the task of the bride.

Not to break traditions, Meghan and Harry can follow the Duke and Duchess who also went their own way when deciding a menu. Heading in a less-traditional direction, they decided to serve two cakes: a cake made of chocolate biscuit and a traditional cake.


In any case, no matter what kind of cake the pair chooses, we are sure that it will taste great and look stylish!