Serena Williams Asks The Public About Breastfeeding: Moms From Social Media And Celebrity Give Their Advice

Date December 8, 2017

Barely three months after the delivery of her beautiful baby girl Alexis Olympia, Serena Williams makes the news. She recently shared some sweet photos of her daughter, and her fans have been gushing over them.

She also had a very emotional question to ask moms on Twitter about breastfeeding.

But is it really weird? It is understandable that Serena is emotional when she thinks about breastfeeding her baby. For starters, many mothers are very attached to their babies for the first few months after birth. It is not so strange that Serena would feel the same.

Then, there is her absence from tennis. Although she held on to playing professionally until eight weeks into her pregnancy, she did have to take time off her career to have the baby, and it is likely that may be a part of her concerns. For the past three months or so, she has been taking care of baby Alexis. We can only wonder her worry that she might have to consider cutting short her time away from competition.

We know how it may be a bit depressing, and probably, Serena is feeling guilt, but ever since she shared her thoughts, a flood of responses has followed, and they have been very supportive and positive.

Broadway star and celebrity mother of two Audra McDonald also shared her experience with breastfeeding in this warm response to Serena's' tweet.

Several other twitter moms chipped in to show love and support for Serena. Here are some of the comments.

One mother notes that there are no real rules determining how long a child should be breastfed as several factors vary from one mother to another.

Another mom rightly notes that keeping the baby happy and healthy is important, and this should show time when to stop breastfeeding.

We believe Serena will decide the best answer to her question. The truth remains that breastfeeding is good for babies. The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding. Still, this is determined by various factors. One thing is clear though that she loves her baby and only wants what is best for her. Until then, we expect even more adorable photos of Alexis and Serena.

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