Cute Welcome: Barack Obama Was Greeted By Christmas Carolers In Hawaii

Date December 29, 2017 12:17

The former president Barack Hussein Obama was in his hometown of Hawaii for the Christmas. Unknown to him, a planned surprise serenade of some sorts was arranged in his honor through the course of the yuletide.

Special Christmas greetings from the Obamas

Former President Obama throughout his tenure was always family-oriented, a trait that remained vivid in the family’s official Christmas greeting posted on his official Facebook page.

The post displayed the Obamas gleefully posing in front of a large Christmas pine surrounded by elf-dressed little children and elaborately wrapped gifts, with the setting exuding the colorful ambiance of the Christmas spirit.

The post, which read, “On behalf of the Obama family, Merry Christmas! We wish you joy and peace this holiday season,” was greeted with emotion, as about 1 million reactions were registered with more than thirty-seven thousand likes and forty-seven thousand shares.

A similar post that conveyed the Obama’s tightly knit ties was in a 2012 post shared on the Barack Obama's Facebook page, with Malia and Sasha sitting comfortably on both Barack and Michelle Obama's laps, with the caption:

Everybody needs somebody to lean on

Obama is serenaded

The Windward Resisters, a women’s movement based in Hawaii, decided to organize a warm Christmas reception for Barack Obama when news was received that he and his family will be spending their first Christmas holidays in Hawaii since leaving the White House.

The ladies may not have been professional singers, but their effort paid off as a group member, Darlene Mendel, teased:

We sounded terrible. ... After about 10 minutes, he came out with three Secret Service agents, and I was ready with my trusty camera. ... It was short and sweet, and made our Christmas.

A YouTube video of the happy encounter was posted as well, showing Obama shaking hands with a few of the women, engaging in a light but short conversation before he remarked as he headed back in:

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas.

Times Obama popped up on a surprise visit in the islands

Barack Obama, it seems, has been making a habit of arriving in the island unannounced but to elated and welcoming residents.

A month ago, a photo of the former president was posted on the Facebook page of Sushi restaurant Mitch’s Sushi Bar. Apparently, Obama had stopped by for a sushi treat amidst recent rumors of his arrival on the island.

Interestingly, the day after that, the Mid-Pacific Country Club shared a photo of Barack on their grounds taking a timeout for golfing.

How long the president and his family will be in Hawaii is uncertain, with his new superpowers of arriving in places unannounced. Nevertheless, here is a wishing for the Obamas: Happy holidays and a prosperous new year!

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