Reese Witherspoon Took All Her Daily Profit To Get A Present For Dolly Parton’s Birthday

Date January 22, 2018

Dolly Parton, the American country singer and songwriter, has celebrated her 72nd birthday on January 19th. It was not an easy task for her friends to choose the right birthday present for such an iconic person. But Reese Witherspoon found out an incredible way to make this day unbelievable for Dolly.

The actress decided to donate all her daily revenue from the Draper James lifestyle brand to Imagination Library owned by Dolly Parton. This project is very special to Dolly Parton, and the reason is very touching.

Her father was not able to read, so the country singer wanted to grant a free access to books. It is a program that offers and mails books to children free of charge from their birth until school.


Reese Witherspoon has recently posted a photo together with Dolly Parton. She captioned the picture:

Few people in this world have touched my heart like Dolly. She has been my inspiration all my life. Her kindness, her humility, her beautiful spirit.

Dolly Parton absolutely loved this birthday gift. In her Instagram account, she wrote:

I’m just blown away by Reese Witherspoon’s kind heart!


Hundreds of people left their comments wishing Dolly Parton all the best. But there is one special comment that is worth mentioning.

The woman with the nickname “brynnista” told a story from her childhood when Dolly Parton let her sit on her lap on a plane. It was such a sweet moment which she still remembers.

Reese Witherspoon / Instagram

Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton! You have so many people whom you inspire!

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