Bad Hair Day For Melania Trump During Her Return To Washington

Date February 21, 2018 10:50

After a long weekend in Florida, President Trump is back to Washington with Melania and Baron. Following his visit to the victims of the high school shooting, the president moved to his Mar-a-Lago residence.

Concerned about public perception in the wake of the Florida tragedy, the president opted against his routine of playing golf during the weekend. However, he did hit the course on Sunday after having dinner with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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Bad hair day for Melania

The First Lady has become a style icon of sorts. Her outfits look fresh out of a classy catalog, and her hair is almost always near perfect. But it seems something went wrong on her last trip out of Washington and back.

Melania seemed to be having some trouble with her hair while alighting from Air Force One in Washington on Monday. Her hair was covered with a beanie. A previous image of the family leaving Washington showed Melania’s hair in some disarray.


It is possible that her hair-do got even worse before she left Mar-a-Lago, and she opted to cover it all up before it got out of hand.

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Hair trouble aside, the First Lady still had a perfect wardrobe. She opted for a more casual look returning to Washington. She chose a black ski jacket with a hood and dark jeans.

President Trump's hair finds air

President Trump has a history of bad hair days. Recently, his hair seemed particularly happy catching a rogue gust of wind as the president climbed the steps of the Air Force One.

Apart from the occasional issues, President Trump seems to have mastered the art of controlled hair. Maybe, Melania can get some tips from him in the future.

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Melania Trump Hair