Comedian Jasper Carrott Reveals How His Wife's Kidney Saved Lucy Davis

Date February 23, 2018

Actress Lucy Davis has been under the radar since The Office ended over 13 years ago. Her character, Dawn Tinsley, was very popular among viewers. Upon leaving the show, she moved to Hollywood.


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By 2011, she got married to Owain Yeoman in London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral but later divorced in 2011. Her separation was kept a private affair as she did not want the press involved.

Kidney problems

Lucy was diagnosed with kidney failure in 1993. This was before she scored the role of Dawn Tinsley in The Office.


Her father, comedian Jasper Carrott, revealed that his wife Hazel donated a kidney to Lucy. However, getting a kidney was not as easy as it seems.

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Lucy had been on the organ donation waiting list for several years before doctors finally accepted the offer from Lucy’s mother. Speaking with The Mirror, Carrott said:

From personal experience I can tell you that transplants give hope, relief and life to people who are desperate to receive them.


He had his own struggles

Last year, the veteran comedian had his own fair share of trouble with his health. He underwent a major heart surgery. During the period leading up to the surgery and after, Carrott received over 700,000 messages from fans and well-wishers.

You do think you affect people’s lives but until something like this happens you don’t realise how many lives you touch.


Carrott is glad to be alive and is grateful to everyone who showed support. His friend, American rock star Jeff Lynne, died in October 2017 after a cardiac arrest.

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