Donald Trump Blasts Alec Baldwin Over "Terrible Impersonation"

Date March 8, 2018

Back in 2016, President Trump famously shared this tweet, showing his irritation after watching actor Alec Baldwin do his Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live.

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This single tweet was the beginning of a long feud between the president and Baldwin. Trump has always considered Baldwin’s portrayals to be sub-par. But that doesn’t seem to bother Baldwin much.

He got back on SNL last weekend with another smarting impersonation of President Trump. This time, the subject was gun control.

On Friday, Baldwin called into his brother, Daniel Baldwin’s radio show. But Baldwin did not call as himself. He actually called in as President Trump, complaining about Baldwin’s impersonations.

Bring back Darrell Hammond

President Trump seems to prefer impersonations by Darrell Hammond to that of Baldwin. He made it very clear in a Tweet directed to Baldwin.

And in good old Baldwin fashion, a stream of responses quickly followed.

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Baldwin is not leaving SNL anytime soon

Thanks to President Trump, Alec Baldwin is likely to have a pretty long presence at SNL. With every day, the president provides new material for Baldwin. Baldwin returned to the Cold Open on last week’s show.

Although President Trump has his own thoughts about Baldwin’s impersonation, they don’t seem to be affecting SNL much. And the audience is loving every moment.

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