Donald Trump For The Nobel Peace Prize? Call The Police, Quick!

Date March 2, 2018 10:59

The Norwegian Nobel Committee receives several hundred nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize every year. Subsequently, the numbers are whittled down until a winner emerges.

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A total of 328 candidates have been nominated for the 2018 award. Of this number, 215 are individuals, and 113 are organizations. This is the second highest number of nominees for the award. 376 candidates were nominated in 2016.

Donald Trump was nominated, and the committee called the police

The Nobel Committee reported that they had received a nomination for President Trump. However, they believe that the nomination is a phony. Furthermore, the matter was immediately reported to the Norwegian police for investigation.


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Director of the Institute, Olav Njolstad, said:

We have good reason to believe that a nomination we received concerning Trump has been falsified.


This is not the first time the committee has received such nomination. The Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) reported that last year, the committee received an equally false Trump nomination. The same prankster is believed to be behind both.


Nominees for the award are not revealed until 50 years have elapsed.

Obama received the award in 2009

The Nobel Committee awarded Former President Barack Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. This was in recognition of Obama’s commitment to international diplomacy and cooperation. In addition, Obama was also lauded for his efforts to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

President Trump is unlikely to be awarded the prestigious honor. Still, the world waits in anticipation.

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