Florida High School Shooting Survivors Had A Furry Welcome Back Party

Date March 2, 2018

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are back to their classrooms. It has been two weeks since the mass shooting. School doors were opened this Wednesday. A voluntary reorientation program was organized for students last Sunday.

The regular school schedule was adjusted to enable students to acclimatize. So, periods ran for half their normal time. Teachers allowed children to go home by 11:40 pm.

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Therapy dogs to the rescue

Therapy dogs were brought to the school as part of efforts to help the children deal with the fallout of the mass shooting,

Several students confessed that they felt better after seeing their fellow classmates.

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Lifted spirits all around

The furry companions were not just a part of the welcoming party. They were also allowed to be with students in their classrooms to help the overall mood of the students.

In addition, the school principal extended her thanks to the Animal Assisted Therapy team for stepping in.

Furthermore, Dr. Rosalind Osgoo, a member of the school board, confirmed that the dogs will not be leaving the school anytime soon. Most of all, the dogs are expected to help students and staff as they navigate the road to healing.

Pooch love for Las Vegas

The Lutheran Church Charities in America offered a similar program in Las Vegas for the victims of the recent Vegas shooting. 19 Golden Retrievers have been deployed to assist the victims.

Student Michael Caster was shot in Vegas. He had this to say about the LCC-K9 Comfort Dogs.

You kind of look to the dog for some clarity. Your mind's totally on what you need to do going forward and the tragic nature of this event. And they bring the dog there and they’re so innocent.

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