Following The Example Of Prince William And Kate Middleton, Prince Charles Participates In Charity

Date March 23, 2018

The Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation is reviewing its commitment to charitable causes as founder Prince Charles takes on even more responsibilities from his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. In less than a year, between 2016 and 2017, donations have dropped by about 50% from £7.7m in 2016.

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The reduction is largely due to a fall in charitable donations from sources other than those owned by Prince Charles. In all, income from these sources shrank overall income of the foundation by 15%.

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Prince Charles is following in his son’s footsteps

Yes, you read right. 18 months ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to restore the roof of Truro Cathedral in Cornwall. And now, Prince Charles is also chipping in.

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On Thursday, the 69-year-old joined the Sign-a-Slate Project by putting his name and date on one of several slates for the fundraiser. The slates are also going to be mounted on the roof of the cathedral as a personal touch, so all contributors will always be remembered.

Earlier on, Prince Charles’ elder sister, Princess Anne, also joined the fundraiser by signing a slate. This brings to four the number of royals who have pledged support to the roofing project.

Accusations of tax evasion

While Prince Charles is a generous giver, he has his own share of controversy. According to “tell-all” author, Tom Bower, Labour MP Austin Mitchell accused the prince of “dodging around” for tax purposes.


The National Audit Office did discover some irregularities in accounts held by the Duchy of Cornwall. In 2004, it provided Prince Charles with income of £11.9million. Issues raised were “obscurities and potential conflicts of interest” in accounting.

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