Gacono Family Fights Mother's Dementia With Humor

Date March 20, 2018 10:44

Living with elderly person who suffers dementia can be a traumatic experience. But sometimes, it is not all bad. 55-year-old Becky Gacono of Annville, Pennsylvania knows this well. She has managed her ageing mother alongside her sister Mary Ann and brother Kris.

There have been different phases over the years. She’s been angry. She’s been mean. She’s been quiet. She’s been frustrated. She’s been stubborn. She’s been sad. She’s been distant. She’s been witty. She’s been funny.

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Laughter, the best medicine

Despite the constantly changing dispositions, Becky and her siblings discovered that laughter is the most effective way to handle their mom.

Kris especially loves to poke fun at his mom, sometimes even saying things that would hurt regular people. Still, he does it for love, and it sure gets their mom giggling along.

Mary Ann, however, is the stern one, always making sure their mom takes her medication and eats well. And mom doesn’t seem to like being told what to do much.

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Becky says it does get frustrating sometimes, especially as their mom doesn’t even remember their names. But sometimes, there are glimmers of light in her eyes as she recognizes them. And on occasion, she even gets to tell Becky and her siblings that she loves them very much.

Baby dolls to the rescue

Sandy Cambron and Shannon Gray Blair made some other elderly citizens extremely happy earlier this year. Together, they delivered 28 baby dolls and pups to patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia at a hospital.

It was pretty heartwarming seeing their faces light up as the patients received the dolls.

Most elderly people complain of loneliness, but these dolls will go a long way to provide some comfort. What a way to share love.

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