Jimmy Kimmel's Mother Surprised Guests With Delicious Cookies At The Oscars

Date March 8, 2018

TV funnyman Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 4. He is no stranger to this process.

Surprisingly, he didn’t get paid a lot. Speaking on KROQ’s radio show “Kevin & Bean” in an interview last year, Kimmel said he got paid $ 15,000. It’s a long way from the over $15 million he makes on his show in a year.

Mama gave cookies at the Oscars

Kimmel was not the only one in his family who made the headlines at this year's awards. While he was preparing to host the show, his mother was busy in the kitchen. She baked a batch of cookies and handed out to celebrities while Kimmel was on stage.

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It was all fun for Kimmel who even integrated the cookie surprise into his routine. He talked about his mom staying up all night to make the cookies, which numbered in the hundreds.


She gave Steven Spielberg a cookie. And he ate it. Which really goes to show you that even when you're 50 years old and hosting the Academy Awards you can still be embarrassed by mommy.

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This isn’t the first time she gave out treats

At the 2016 Emmy’s, Kimmel’s mom made 7,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Emmy guests. As Kimmel noted, there was even a gluten-free alternative for guests who preferred it.


Stars of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, rode through the audience, giving out sandwiches.


Kimmel is particularly close to his parents, Joann Kimmel and James Kimmel, and often attends public events with them. Keep your fingers crossed. You just might find yourself at another Kimmel hosted event, and a delicious treat may find you.

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