Leonardo To The Rescue! 'Titanic' Star Donates $1 Million To Help Protect Marine Life

Date February 28, 2018

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most vocal champions for climate change. He is known to make large donations on a regular basis. In addition, he capitalizes on his fame to preach the gospel for protection of the environment.

In his acceptance speech for Best Actor at the 2016 Oscars, DiCaprio appealed to everyone to shun the “politics of greed”. He called for support to end climate change as a collective effort.

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Donation to Seychelles nature fund

DiCaprio recently donated the whopping sum of $1million to a $22millon conservation fund. The money is part of a debt swap with Seychelles.


The Nature Conservancy is a nonprofit group that partnered with DiCaprio to secure the deal. As an exchange, the country will create two marine reserves. Each reserve will be located around a vital ecosystem in Seychelles.

Such a deal for the sake of conservation has never been struck. It is expected to pave the way for similar endeavors by individuals and organizations concerned about the environment.

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More money for the environment

According to the DiCaprio Foundation, the TV star has donated over $30million to nature conservation efforts. In September 2017, he committed another $20million in donations to organizations fighting climate change.

These grantees are active on the ground, protecting our oceans, forests and endangered species for future generations – and tackling the urgent, existential challenges of climate change.

Furthermore, DiCaprio is critical of governments who either deny the existence of climate change or encourage practices that further destroy the environment.

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