Life In The White House For Barron Trump Is More Or Less Similar To Other Modern First Kids

Date February 26, 2018

While President Trump moved into the White House soon after the inauguration, it took five whole months before Melania moved in. Her reason for staying out of the official residence this long was to allow Barron Trump (12) to finish school without interruptions.

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It was rumored that Melania was not keen on becoming First Lady; thus, she did not want to move from Trump Tower. However, this post she shared on Instagram soon after moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue said otherwise.

Barron Trump in the White House

Being the son of the president of the United States comes with some privileges. They may not measure up to the level of the president, but the perks are still worth talking about. Barron has been living in the White House since June 2017.


Barron is still pretty comfortable in the White House although he may not have as much space as he is used to. Back at Trump Tower in New York, Barron had a whole floor all to himself. President Trump says Barron loves computers and gadgets. In many ways, he is the local tech support for Melania and President Trump.

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Previous children who stayed in the White House found ways to make it their own. Amy Carter had a tree house built for her by her dad. John Kennedy Jr. had a pony named Macaroni. As for Barron, it is likely he has his bedroom specially decorated according to his taste. While growing up, he had his room designed with drawings of cars and planes.

Malia and Sasha Obama had to change schools

Following his inauguration, Barack Obama decided to move Malia and Sasha from the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools they were attending in Chicago. They got transferred to a private school in Washington.


Their decision was informed by the need to have their daughters close to the White House. Also, the school had a reputation for having other high-profile kids in attendance. This included former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and more recently, grandchildren of Vice President Joe Biden.

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