Meghan Markle Drops Hints: She Is Ready For A Baby Boom!

Date March 26, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently paid a visit to Northern Ireland.


More than 2,500 young people were gathered for a peace-building event. And they were super excited that the royal couple showed up. The totally titillated crowd offered them a warm and rousing welcome.

Also, on their visit, the couple visited a tourist attraction at Belfast, which shares the story of Titanic. The visit was part of their UK tour preceding the royal wedding.

Meghan is ready for the baby boom

On Friday, while still in Belfast, Meghan suggested that she is looking forward to having babies pretty soon.


Meghan was with Prince Harry at Catalyst Inc, an innovation hub for entrepreneurs. While they were being shown around the pavilion, the couple stopped at the Shnuggle stand. Shnuggle makes innovative baby products.


Meghan took time admiring some of the products on display at the stand like a changing mat and a baby bath. And then she said: "I am sure at one point we will need the whole thing. It's very sweet."


If there was ever any confirmation, this is as good as any. With Prince William and Kate Middleton expecting baby #3, the new couple is in no hurry to make babies of their own. But its seems Meghan is open to the possibility.

Meghan loves kids

If she is not stopping to shake hands, Meghan is all about the hugs. The bride-to-be always has a warm smile or kind word for children. And kids seem to love her right back.


Her viral hug on International Women’s Day is just one of the many times Meghan has shown her affinity for children. There is no guessing that she will make a fine mom someday.

Meghan Markle