Melania Trump Knows The Irony Of Her Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign

Date March 22, 2018

Melania Trump addressed spouses of 35 state governors at the White House on February 26. Particularly, she stressed the need for adults to encourage “positive habits on social media” among children.

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In the meanwhile, President Donald Trump has been called out for his negative social media habits. Bullying tops the list. However, it is ironic that the First Lady is championing a cause that hits this close to home, without addressing the cause at home first.

She is very aware of the irony

The First Lady held a meeting with executives from several tech companies on Tuesday. Representatives from Facebook, Google, and Twitter were also in attendance.


Melania Trump organized the gathering as a major move to tackle cyberbullying. Reporters were not allowed to stay for the discussion. Despite this, reporters got to hear Melania’s opening remarks.

I am well that people are skeptical of me discussing this topic. I have been criticized for my commitment to tackling this issue, and I know that will continue. But it will not stop me from doing what I know is right

Clearly, Melania Trump is very aware that observers see the irony in her anti cyberbullying campaign.

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Furthermore, Melania made no mention of President Trump or any of his intentions to support her campaign against cyberbullying.

Breaking out the power suit

Melania's outfit really stood out at the Monday meeting. The First Lady chose a power suit, presumably to assert her image as all business. However, the double-breasted jacket and high waist skirt may have been a little large.


Also, a pink jumper and magenta snake-print heels completed the outfit. All in all, Melania looked every bit the professional ready for the hard-talk. In addition, this is also the first official meeting the First Lady is attending since the Stormy Daniels scandal broke.

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