Melania Trump Wants To Talk With Tech Giants On Cyberbullying

Date March 14, 2018

Melania Trump made a firm stand on cyberbullying at the Governors Ball in February this year. While speaking at a luncheon organized for spouses of the governors, she made it clear that cyberbullying is not O.K.

The First Lady called on the support of all gathered to propagate values that may positively affect young children. Kindness, compassion, and respect were among the values Melania encouraged.

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Facebook, Google, and other tech giants are next in line

Melania Trump has her sights on tech giants, such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Snap. Melania seeks to find ways these corporations can contribute to making the internet safe from cyberbullying.

20th March has been chosen for the meeting. This is the first major move Melania is making since she announced her drive to end cyberbullying during the campaigns.


However, it is unlikely that any will be made by the end of the meeting. It is said that the First Lady is focused on encouraging kindness on the internet, above everything else.


Tech giants have come under intense fire for accommodating cyberbullies in the past. Furthermore, some Americans feel that the lack of respect is also egged on by President Trump.

On several occasions, the president has sent out tweets regarded to be antagonistic.

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Meeting with Florida shooting survivor

On the 8th of March, First Lady Melania met with Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Florida high school shooting. In addition, the teen used the opportunity to show Melania a useful app that lets students reach each other.

Melania later shared a series of tweets, praising the teen for his efforts and encouraging survivors of the horrific incident.

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