Melania Trump's Green Card Was Obtained Through Program For People With ‘Extraordinary Ability’

Date March 2, 2018

First Lady Melania Trump’s parents are currently legal residents of the United States. However, there is one unanswered question. How exactly did they receive their green cards?


The US immigration lawyer Kehrela Hodkinson believes the Knavs may have benefited from ‘chain migration’. Essentially, they got their green cards on the basis of Melania’s residence in the US.

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It is somewhat ironic that the US President Donald Trump has been railing against ‘chain migration’, calling for it to be scrapped.

‘Extraordinary Melania’

It is reported that Melania got her green card in 2001 courtesy of the EB-1 program. According to the Immigration Act of 1990, people with "extraordinary ability" are granted expedited green cards.


However, Melania was resident of the US since 1996. And only five Slovenians were granted EB-1 program green cards in 2001.


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A candidate must show "extraordinary ability" in their field of endeavor to qualify for an EB-1 program green card. This includes commercial success or original contributions.


Melania was a major feature in fashion shows across Europe. Besides her skill on the runway, it is doubtful she had much else to present in lieu attaining a green card.

Who qualifies for the Einstein visa?

Former Rep. Bruce Morrison (D-Conn.) says the EB-1 program green card is commonly called the ‘Einstein visa’. But did Melania actually qualify to get one? Immigration lawyer Merrill R. Cohen says getting the visas is a lot easier than it sounds.

Squash players, pencil artists, and even a classical music whistler have gotten the visa. So, clearly, Melania seems to be qualified.

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