No More Guessing, Prince William Gives An Update On Kate Middleton's Delivery Date

Date March 22, 2018

Prince William has been taking on some roles earlier reserved for his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. One of such roles is overseeing investiture. Prince William first took up the responsibility of awarding knighthoods in 2013. And this week, he stood in for Her Majesty as several individuals were knighted.

Former Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr, was one of the individuals. He was rewarded by Queen Elizabeth II for his immense contributions to music. The award was announced in December 2017.

Update on royal baby due date

After the investiture, Starr spoke with the press. According to the 77-year-old icon, he had a brief chat with Prince William during which the Prince told him that the duchess would be giving birth "any minute now".


Although Kensington Palace has officially announced that the royal baby is due in April, no further details have been provided.


The royal couple is preparing for the arrival of the baby, as recently, they started a webpage dedicated to the kid. An insider speaking to The Sun revealed that St. George’s Day was looking like a possible delivery date.

Still up and about

Even with her delivery drawing near, the Duchess of Cambridge is still very active. Just this week, she attended a symposium organized by the Royal Foundation and the Royal Medical Society. The duchess even gave a speech at the event.

There is no word as to when her maternity leave will commence despite the detail shared by Prince William about a delivery date being around the corner.

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