Pit Bull Becomes Surrogate To Over 100 Kittens After Losing Bestie

Date March 20, 2018 10:50

Ronda Layne’s rescue pit bull, Zuca, once had a best friend named Stout. Stout was a cat who sadly died in 2013 of kidney disease.

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Since Zuca’s friend died, the pit bull seemed to have lost interest in life. She would lie for hours and never wanted to do much else.

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But that changed one sunny day. Rhonda came home with a little rescue kitten called Monkey. Immediately, Zuca was perky and curious about the new visitor.

Monkey jumped on Zuca and tried to nurse on her and they were soon curled up together like best friends. Zuca weighs 50 pounds, but she was very careful around Monkey and was always patient and gentle. It was like magic. I knew right then that she had a gift.

After Monkey, about 100 other kittens have come home at different times with Ronda. She houses them until they are old enough to be neutered. Then, they are adopted by different pet lovers.

And then they napped some more. #beingakittenisexhausting

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But before the kittens leave, they always have foster mom Zuca close by. Ronda says Zuca is always patient with the furry creatures, even when they get playful.

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She especially loves to clean them up after they eat if they spill food on their paws.

Best friends ever

Watson and Kiko are Golden Retrievers who have a pretty oddball friend named Harry.

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Harry, the cat, spends all his time with the retrievers, you might even mistake him as one of the dogs. They have a thing for napping and almost always curl up in very warm snuggles to nap.

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