Prince Harry Is ‘Very Important’ To The Commonwealth And May Succeed Queen Elizabeth II As Its Head

Date February 15, 2018 14:56

Prince Harry may be fifth in line to the throne, but he still has very important responsibilities on his shoulders. It is common knowledge that he served in the British Armed Forces for 10 years. His duty came to an end in 2015.

Since then, Prince Harry has committed himself to causes that benefit members of the Armed Forces and their families. This includes volunteering at the Army's Personnel Recovery Unit in London.

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In addition, the prince is passionate about education. Through public and private efforts, he contributes to programs that enable disadvantaged children to get a good education and life skills. He is also passionate about the global campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness.

He is important to the Commonwealth

The head of the Commonwealth chairs the 53-member community. The position is not hereditary. Queen Elizabeth II was proclaimed the head of the Commonwealth at her coronation. Right now, she presides over 16 of the 53 member states.

Immediately, Prince Harry seems to be the one member of the royal family likely to succeed Her Majesty. He has already been fingered as likely to play a major role in the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy project. In 2017, he visited a scheme in Epping. And he is expected to continue taking on more responsibilities of the organization.

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It was rumored that the leaders at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in 2017 had decided to name Prince Harry a successor to Her Majesty. But an official statement by the body said otherwise.

It's not true that it's been decided that the Prince of Wales will be the next head of the Commonwealth. The decision on the next head will only be taken after the Queen's death.

Prince Charles has represented Her Majesty at CHOGM in the past. But this does not guarantee he will succeed her. The position is not hereditary. It is said that Prince Harry has the capacity to “re-energize” the Commonwealth.

Meghan Markle’s future duties

Prince Harry is not the only one getting new responsibilities. The former Suits star is already starting to learn the roles of royalty. To begin with, she is expected to go on a tour of Britain to familiarize herself with its people. And some of her trips will have to be taken without Prince Harry.

Like Kate, Meghan will be expected to take on charities of her own. This keeps with royal traditions. Prince Harry will be inheriting links to over 800 charitable organizations from his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburg. So, Meghan has a lot to choose from.

As for public support, Meghan is expected to have a lot. Her Instagram account has about 3 million followers.

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