Queen Elizabeth II Reportedly Cried Over Feud With Margaret Thatcher

Date March 8, 2018

The relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is often portrayed as troubled. But it was not as stifling as shown on television. Her Majesty has also been known to fancy brevity. Baroness Thatcher, on the other hand, had an affinity for long speeches.

Her Majesty and Baroness Thatcher said the relationship was more businesslike than personal.

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Her Majesty is reported to have been distraught by Thatcher

In a stunning revelation, Princess Josephine Loewenstein shared an insight into the relationship between the two powerful women.

During an interview as part of the Channel 5 documentary, 'Elizabeth: Our Queen', Princess Margaret told her about an instance when she actually saw how Queen Elizabeth II cried.

It was when the Press put all the articles about her not getting on with Margaret Thatcher.


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Queen Elizabeth II and Thatcher did not always see one another. And accounts of their relationship vary depending on the source. Furthermore, Mrs. Thatcher’s principal private secretary, Lord Robin Butler, once said that Thatcher was in awe of the Queen.


‘The Queen and Mrs. Thatcher: An inconvenient relationship’ by Dean Palmer chronicles their relationship. And the author suggested that Her Majesty was not particularly fond of Thatcher.


Better relationship with current PM

A former butler who worked with the Queen revealed that Prime Minister Theresa May shares a friendship with Her Majesty. According to the butler, they spent hours talking about topics the Queen hardly touches on with other people.

It is said that the Queen even told the PM of Prince Phillip’s retirement plans well before the news went public.

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