Royal Wedge: Camilla Parker-Bowles Tried To Break Up Prince William And Kate Middleton

Date March 26, 2018

It was common knowledge that Queen Elizabeth II did not like Camilla Parker-Bowles much. For starters, the Queen blamed Camilla for destroying Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage. A new book by author Tom Bower provides a very interesting angle to the fractured relationship between the two royals.


Bower claims that in 1998, during an evening at Balmoral Castle, Her Majesty had a little too much to drink. She then embarked on an angry tirade about Camilla, blaming her for not allowing Prince Charles’ marriage a fighting chance. At the height of her tipsy ramblings, she even called Camilla a “wicked woman”.

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Bower shared this and more in his tell-all, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles.

Did Camilla try to break up Prince William and Kate Middleton?

In his unofficial biography of the royals, Game of Crowns, bestselling author Christopher Andersen claims that Camilla was once "disgusted with William and Kate sucking up all the attention". This came at the time when Camilla had her own personal troubles, trying to win the love of the British people.


According to Andersen, the new couple stole the spotlight from her, and this situation was particularly infuriating. The author also claims that Camilla urged Prince Charles to ask Prince William to break up with Kate Middleton.


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Camilla’s argument was that the prince was too young to settle down. And it seems her urging worked. Prince Charles and Kate Middleton broke up in 2007, but only momentarily. After just six weeks, the couple was back together.


Kate, they love to hate

The Duchess of Cornwall is not the only one with a sore spot for Kate Middleton. Even Princess Eugenie does not seem to like her much.


Apparently, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice feel like they are relegated to the background by the Kate Middleton. Clearly, there is a lot of drama behind the civil smiles and curtsies.

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