Sainsbury's Allows A Woman With Alzheimer's To Keep Working There, And Her Son Is Grateful For That

Date March 12, 2018

Sainsbury’s showed that they are more than just a brand concerned with making profits. They actually care about the people who work for them. People like Doron Salomon’s mom.

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At about 50, she began showing signs of Alzheimer’s. She was working as a bookkeeper at the time. By 2013, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Still, she applied for a job at Sainsbury’s, and they gave her one. She became a picker in a Kenton store.

She continued to work for the store even after a health assessment in October 2017 deemed her unemployable. Eventually, Sainsbury's let her go on March 3.

Her son is so grateful

Her son Doron shared a thread of tweets speaking about the journey from the discovery of his mom's illness and through her period with Sainsbury’s.

According to him, he was concerned that his mom was going to be fired when he received a call from the store last year. But they only called in to ask how else they could help.

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Second chance

Doron decided to post his story on behalf of his family. Furthermore, this was his own 'thank you' to the kind people at Sainsbury’s. They made life a lot better for his mom despite her condition.

Alzheimer's is common and can be managed

Alzheimer's Research UK says that the disease is the most common cause of dementia. Patients are prone to bouts of memory loss, mood swings, and deficiency in social skill. Patients may become alienated. But with people like Sainsbury’s and loving families, there is some hope that life can be bearable for Alzheimer's patients.

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